The Issues

Meeting our budget challenges
Jim has years of experience on the council, and he’s served as Chair of the Budget Committee. He can bring good ideas to solve our budget challenges, and he knows how to fund our city’s obligations without raising taxes. He will stick to the basics of running a city - schools, roads and public safety - the things that really matter to Nashville families.

Improving public education
Jim believes strongly in public education and will ensure that we fully fund our schools. He will support teachers, expand access to early childhood education and fund English Language Learner programs. With a reputation for building consensus, Jim can bridge the divide between the Metro Council and Board of Education. He will put funding for schools before tax breaks for business.

Addressing housing and the cost of living
Jim stands firm that everyone who wants to live in Nashville should be able to afford to live in Nashville. Our city has had unprecedented growth, and it’s time that it benefit everyone. He will fight for dedicated funding for affordable housing, work to recruit the jobs that pay fair wages, and apply good thinking and new ideas to reduce the cost of living for all Nashvillians.


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Out & About

Bob Mendes, Councilman At-Large
“Nashville’s next Vice Mayor should have the knowledge, compassion, and experience to make tough decisions and lead the Council forward. Jim Shulman has remarkable experience and a steady hand. We need that now. He cares about the people of this city more than anyone I know, and I’m proud to support him.”

Tanaka Vercher, Metro Council Budget & Finance Committee chair
“Nashville needs thoughtful, steady leadership from an experienced Vice Mayor who can bring the Metro Council together. Jim is a trusted voice who brings good thinking to every debate. He is always focused on finding common sense solutions and promoting good ideas to improve our community.”

Mina Johnson, District 23 Councilwoman
“Our city has had a lot of changes this year, but our reputation as an open, welcoming city has never been in doubt. Jim has a solid reputation as a progressive voice who stands up for all of Nashville. We need a Vice Mayor who will include all voices in the conversation.”

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